BEGUM KHAN | Bubu Party Earrings Green with Gold Bonbon

BEGUM KHAN | Bubu Party Earrings Green with Gold Bonbon

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About Product

Bring your playful side to the party with the cheeky Bubu Party Earrings. Handmade in our Istanbul atelier, the adorable design features a squirrel shape embellished with Green gemstones, anchored by a shimmering gold-plated bauble. For show-stopping glamour, style with a sleek bun or ponytail.

Product Details

Composition: 24K Gold Plated Bronze
Encrusted with Root Emerald
Color: Green
Hand-crafted in Istanbul
Dimensions: 7.3 x 5 cm
29 Gr Each Single Earring

    About Brand

    Born into a family of Ottoman art collectors in the ancient imperial capital of Istanbul, Begum cultivated her love of beautiful things from an early age. As a child, she explored the ancient alleyways and hidden nooks of cities her family visited in search of antique treasures, and Istanbul’s labyrinthine Grand Bazaar became her playground.

    Strongly influenced by nature, Begum’s designs bring to life a menagerie of exotic flora and fauna, fashioned from pink sapphires, baroque pearls and other rare and precious materials. Stag beetles and ladybirds cling to brooches and cuffs, while turtles, koi fishes and lotus flowers dangle from earrings and necklaces.