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About Artwork


Alp Ateş


Anatolian'21 #1

Date of Work



29.5 cm


Material: Earthenware Technique: Ceramic Wheelthrown Firing Temperature: 1100°C

About Artist

I am the founder of Blackmamba, an Eskisehir based ceramic studio dedicated to creating wheel-thrown and hand-shaped ceramic objects with minimal forms and organic textures for your everyday life. When I studied at Dumlupınar University, the Faculty of Fine Arts, Ceramic & Glass, I specifically worked with glaze techniques and focused on crystal glaze in addition to several different techniques. After graduation, I worked on decor design and artistic applications at Eskişehir City Theater. In 2018, I established Blackmamba and focused on wheel-thrown ceramics. I started to improve my turning skills by following and studying the techniques of wheel-thrown ceramic masters. This time, I dedicated myself to not glazing techniques but forms and textures. In my works mostly created from stoneware and porcelain clay, I emphasize minimal forms, meticulously applied techniques, and textures. My vase designs are usually single flower vases that rise straight and tapers towards the rim with slight and wide turns. While I have been continuing my work mainly on vases recently, I also produce different ceramic objects with the same approach under the name of the Blackmamba.